Volume  10                    No. 2               August 2013







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Handicap distance antimagic graphs and incomplete tournaments Dalibor Froncek 119-127


Enlarging the classes of super edge-magic 2-regular graphs R. Ichishima, F.A. Muntaner-Batle and A. Oshima 129-146


On the total edge irregularity strength of generalized helm Diari Indriati, Widodo, Indah Emilia Wijayanti and Kiki Ariyanti Sugeng 147-155


DNA graph characterization for line digraph of dicycle with one chord Inne, Kiki A. Sugeng, Denny R. Silaban 157-167


New problems related to the valences of (super) edge-magic labelings S.C. López, F.A. Muntaner-Batle and M. Rius-Font 169-181
 6 Wheel-supermagic labelings for a wheel k-multilevel corona with a cycle H.T. Marbun and A.N.M. Salman 183-191
7 Sparse graphs with vertex antimagic edge labelings Mirka Miller, Oudone Phanalasy, Joe Ryan and Leanne Rylands 193-198
8 On the total irregularity strength of some Cartesian product graphs R. Ramdani and A.N.M. Salman 199-209
9 Further results on cycle-supermagic labeling M. Roswitha, E. T. Baskoro, T. K. Maryati, N. A. Kurdhi, I. Susanti 211-220
10 The odd harmonious labeling of dumbbell and generalised prism graphs Gusti A. Saputri, Kiki A. Sugeng and Dalibor Froncek 221-228
11 The  l-backbone colorings of graphs with tree backbones S. W. Saputro and A. N. M. Salman 229-236
12 Some open problems on graph labelings S. Arumugam, Martin Bača, Dalibor Froncek, Joe Ryan and Kiki A. Sugeng 237-243