Volume  6                    No. 1               April 2009








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On square sum  graphs V. Ajitha, S. Arumugam and K.A. Germina



On super vertex-antimagic total labelings of disjoint union of paths Gohar Ali, Martin Bača and Fozia Bashir 11-20


Edge irregular total labeling of certain family of graphs

Ali Ahmad and Martin Bača



On super d-antimagic labelings of disjoint union of prisms

Martin Bača and Fozia Bashir



A note on even disjoint union of paths

Martin Bača, Yuqing Lin and Francesc A. Muntaner-Batle

 6 Note on Super Antimagicness of Disconnected Graphs Martin Bača, Yuqing Lin and Andrea Semaničová-Feňovčíková


7 On 5-equitability  of one point union of shells Abhaya M. Chitre and Nirmala B. Limaye 57-68
8 Recent advances in Rosa-type labelings of graphs Dalibor Froncek 69-78
9 On mod difference labeling of digraphs S. M. Hegde and Vasudeva 79-84
10 Amicability  of Forests S. M. Hegde and G. R. Vijayakumar 85-89
11 A construction of supermagic graphs Jaroslav Ivančo 91-102
12 On Super mean graphs P. Jeyanthi, D. Ramya and P. Thangavelu 103-112
13 Exclusive Sum Labeling of Graphs: A Survey Joe Ryan 113-126
14 Graph coverings and graph labellings   Jozef Širáň, Jana Šiagiová and Marián Olejár 127-133
15 Prime Labeling of Grids Alka V.  Kanetkar 135-142
16 Vertex Magic Total Labeling of Complete Graphs H. K. Krishnappa, Kishore Kothapalli and V. Ch. Venkaiah 143-154
17 Bimagic Labelings Alison Marr, N. C. K. Phillips and W. D. Wallis 155-160
18 A Survey on Radio k-Colorings of Graphs Pratima Panigrahi 161-169
19 Cordial labelings of a Class of Planar Graphs K. Ramanjaneyulu, V. Ch. Venkaiah and Kishore Kothapalli 171-181
20 Minimax Open and Closed Neighborhood Sums Andrew Schneider and Peter J. Slater 183-190
21 Distance magic labelings of a union of graphs Muhammad Kashif Shafiq, Gohar Ali and Rinovia Simanjuntak 191-200
22 Graceful Signed Graphs on C3k Tarkeshwar Singh 201-208
23 On Radio (n-4)-chromatic Number of the Path Pn Srinivasa Rao Kola and Pratima Panigrahi 209-217
24 Total labellings, irregularity strengths and colourings Stanislav Jendrol’ 219-227
25 Some Open Problems on Graph Labelings S. Arumugam, G.S. Bloom, Mirka Miller and Joe Ryan 229-236